I’m a director of photography from Belgium.

As a child I always felt the urge to create. I followed some art classes back then, along the way it turned out pencils or brushes are not my kind of tools. At the age of 16 I discovered my dad’s new photography camera. He bought a Nikon D5000, but he didn’t got the chance to use it as I took it everywhere. And even his old non-digital camera found its way to my room instead of the attic. I figured out that my way to tell stories aren’t pencils and brushes but lenses, lights and flags, filters and colors.

I love making images, but I love it even more to work on a story as a team. I am a teamplayer. For me, filmmaking is working together, it’s a collaborative medium. So give me a call if you want me to be part of the team for your next narrative, commercial, documentary or music video.

Antwerp, Belgium

ROOKIE Member of the SBC